Sunday, April 1, 2012

Dear Doctor X,

We recently received an email from a disgruntled doctor in San Diego who complained we were encouraging malpractice suits.

She said her insurance provider would financially penalize the people in her medical group if they did not keep cholesterol below certain levels -- and that we were coming against the best tool that could achieve those goals.

We sent a quick response and encouraged her to wrestle with the powers that be and help us take the practice of medicine back from the drug cartels and insurance providers.

In hindsight we might have written this:

Dear Doctor X,

Where is your outrage?

If what we have written is true, and it is, then an appropriate response would be, “I will not practice medicine again rather than prescribe another statin. I will help anyone suffering statin toxicity for free. I will help any patient sue these sonsabitches. I will testify for them.”

Either help us stop this madness or at the very least get out of the way with your selfish concerns about what is going to happen to you.

Drug company personnel are knowingly and deliberately ignoring science for profit. They are poisoning your family, friends, patients and now recommending these poisons for your children.

Where is your conscience? What could you be thinking?

Of course we wrote for the lawyers. Who else might have enough clout to bring an end to this insanity? What else might engender enough fear in the medical community to start at least a little resistance? What happened to the oath to "do no harm"?

If doctors do not have enough concern to help, then only the lawyers and patients can provide a remedy.

We have deliberately and knowingly lit a match to a box of tinder that sits on top a trainload of dynamite which is parked in the middle of medicine, as we now know it.

Big pharma, the FDA, the NIH, the AMA, the AHA or any other corrupt or corruptible companies or agencies must not control medicine.
Medicine must be returned to the doctors with enough courage to practice it in earnest. The doctors who sit on their dead asses, collect their big paychecks and prescribe these poisons need to be rooted out of medicine.

Stop, for God’s sake stop and think. Get informed. Ignorance is not an acceptable excuse.

In any case, the match is lit. On which wagon are you going to be: big pharma's or the victims'?

Yours truly,

Hannah Yoseph, MD